UET Board Members

UET Trustees are collectively responsible for managing and leading the Trust by ensuring the charity complies with the law, is well run and in a good financial position. Trustees are also responsible for ensuring the Trust delivers its objectives, support the management team and aid with decision making. 

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Board of Directors

Name Role Appointed Date Appointed By Resigned
Jackie Smith Principal Trustee 29.03.12 Trustees
Derek Dinsey Chair of Trustees 29.03.12 Trustees
Jeff Smith Trustee 15.11.12 Trustees
Tony Griffiths Trustee 25.11.15 Trustees
Sue Dinsey Trustee 10.02.16 Trustees
Matthew Crorkin-Davis Trustee 24.07.19 Trustees June 2021
Daniel Boden Trustee 24.07.19 Trustees
Chris Sims Trustee 29.01.20 Trustees
Alan Stone Trustee 25.01.22 Trustees

UET Summary of Pecuniary Interests for the year 2021/22