Skills for Work

What we offer:

Skills for Work is a bespoke, work-focused package for anyone with additional needs aged 18 and over. Skills For Work provide work experience opportunities with an aim to build the confidence and knowledge of our young people whilst also instilling professional principles and standards.

What we do:

Skills for Work provide work experience in:

  • Hospitality/Catering. We offer ‘Skills for Work Hot Plate’ which operates on a Tuesday each week, enabling our young people to learn vital skills such as customer service, food preparation & cooking, food hygiene and infection control.
  • Farm including Animal Care. The farm teaches our young people about the importance of hard work within a working environment. The farm teaches horticulture, agriculture and woodwork.
  • Enterprise. UET Enterprise provide a car washing service, t-shirt, mug & canvas bags printing service, our young people have access to and operate the machinery used.
  • Logistics. Stock, internal post & office supplies are distributed throughout Swindon by our young people in the logistics team.
  • Administration. Skills for Work have an office environment where our young people complete a variety of admin tasks. Staff support our young people with CV building & interview tips/guidance.
  • Media Sales. Our young people collect donations of books etc and sell these online through Ziffit, Music Magpie & We Buy Books.
  • Online Store. Where our young people sort through stock, pack, deliver, take photos and upload items of clothing/homeware items online. Rag sorting donations that are not suitable for the online shop and selling at Cash for Clothes.
  • Care Work. Young people at Skills for Work have the opportunity to complete care work within UET.
  • Employability Skills. Our young people have the opportunity to gain additional employability training such as PAT testing and Food Hygiene. We have several Fundraising tins throughout Swindon & Highworth, our YP/A are supported to deliver/collect the tins, sort, count and bank all monies donated.
  • Community Involvement. Our young people engage within the community of Swindon, promoting social integration and opportunities. Some of the community work the young people have been involved in is, making blankets for the homeless from crisp packets, litter picking, leaflet drops for local businesses and much more.