Quality Assurance

At UET the quality of our offer across our provisions is a fundamental priority in order to deliver an exceptional service by exceptional people. 

Quality Assurance is carried out in several ways, as described below: 

Our internal QA cycle of activity gives the Senior Management Team oversight of the implementation of all the elements of our services. Provision Manager/Leads and the Head of Service undertake regular monitoring such as staff observations giving a good oversight of the quality of record keeping, skills and knowledge of the staff, communication and meeting agreed ways of working. This provides many opportunities to celebrate success and provides opportunity for training needs to be identified. The Head of Service carries out regular audits to ensure the quality of all documentation is of a high standard and all actionable items are followed up on.  Across all our provisions, sessions are regularly observed by the Head of Service this provides the opportunity for dialogue about session strengths and areas for development, which can feed into performance management discussions and improve session planning and success of the sessions.  

All staff attend regular refresher training along with consistent competency assessments being carried out these are supported by regular performance management of Provision Manager/Leads and coaching opportunities for all staff. 

The Head of Service reports to the quarterly Trustee Board meetings where quality assurance and good governance is evaluated.  

Our external quality assurance is from various bodies, Local Authority reviews along with UET completing an annual feedback questionnaire for Young People and Adults, parent and carers, and staff in regard to the quality of the offer they receive, and what its like to work for UET, these are reviewed by the Director of Operations and the Head of Service in order to identify what’s working well and areas for improvement.  

UET is implementing the Care Quality Commissions framework for our adult provision, Skills for Ever, and will internally audit against the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs). 

We continue to work collaboratively with parents/carers and our YP&A to produce individual skills plans and health and support plans to identify individual goals and outcomes, we regularly review our provision development plans to validate the service we provide. 

An annual safeguarding audit is completed by a well-regarded Safeguarding consultant who produces an action plan which is reviewed by the Head of Service and the Director of Operations.