Parent and Carer Feedback

UET are committed to continually revising their offer and development within each provision, to improve outcomes for children and young people living with SEND within UET. UET promotes proactive engagement with parents, carers and children and young people.

Communication is key – feedback is welcomed, and any concerns are addressed promptly and professionally within the guidelines of our complaints policy. However, through regular and relevant communication with our children, young people and their families, anything that requires attention is addressed before it can become an issue.

Testimonials and Outcomes

Quotes below are from parents and carers whose children or young people access the UET Short Breaks provision.

Staff are great with our child, he loves coming to UET.


I have my mind at ease as I know he is being cared for.


Very valuable service, to us as a family.


He enjoys his sessions, particularly baking and outside play


Very valuable service, as it allows us time to spend with our other two children.


It is the only place he is happy to attend outside of school.


The team are approachable and accommodating, particularly in the challenging times.


Occasionally there is a wait at the gate, which impacts the session duration feeling not as long.

UET response - as a result of the above comment, we have actioned methods to minimise waiting times at drop off. One method we have selected is that two members of the team will be on door duty to prevent a wait at the gate.


Survey Results

The following graphs show a summary of responses to our annual parent and carer feedback survey.