Clearing the Pond Area

The pond area was very overgrown and not used by the Children, Young People and Adults that visited the UET Farm. Most farm visitors didn't know the pond area even existed.

Chris (Farm Support) and Jess (Farm Lead) envisioned the potential for a new wildlife area. We began pulling back undergrowth and discovered a young tree choked by weeds. With the help of the BSM educational provisions (Uplands School, The Chalet School and Churchward School) and UET Skills for Work (pictured above) we began to develop the area.

We cleared enough couch grass to plant willow whips (grown from a felled willow tree in the yard) to make a weavable hedge structure, and mulched that and the struggling trees with manure and bark.

Afternoons carrying out this type of conservation work were very popular with the older groups. The pond was cleared of excessive plant growth, a firepit was dug and the area began to take shape.

Thanks to a grant from Social Farms & Gardens, we were able to complete our vision for this area and transform the Pond Area into a usable and accessible area for all visitors to enjoy.

Social Farms and Gardens Press Release