Our bespoke offer provides tailored support to young people with more complex needs to enable them to gain, learn from, develop and maintain their work and life skills and to make a positive progression and contribution to the community.

With the success of the launch of Skills for Work, the need for a second level of the service was highlighted. This level of a work based offer for those with more complex needs was put into place in Summer 2019. Our young people run the logistics area of the UET, collecting and delivering donations and sorted stock between the shops and the warehouse. They also take an active role in recycling and disposing of the waste generated from all our sites.

The Bespoke offer has been welcomed by all with three of the young people that initially joined us increasing the days they access already. The team have recently supported the Skills for Work team to run the community café, deliver the 'Taste of UET' catering and be the farm contact for collecting and delivering eggs and produce.

There are big plans to expand the Bespoke offer when we move into our new site in Summer 2020 with a catering van, basic vehicle maintenance and a farm shop on the drawing board.